About Us

At Loving Adult Family Home, the Loving difference for our adult years is that we feel that each person should be treated as a member of a family. We also believe that our residents who need additional health care deserve the very best health care that can be provided. We feel that listening is a way to ensure that each resident maintains their individuality and feels like a part of the family.

We understand that finding the perfect adult family home for your loved one can be a very difficult and challenging task; a task that we hope to make a little easier for you by providing Loving Care, Experience and Stability.

Because we are a smaller home we can provide a closer relationship with each resident so that they can feel more at home with the others. We strive for a warm, nurturing, intimate and caring environment as close to your own home as possible. Each resident receives one-on-one personal and special attention that focuses on their individual needs. Our residents enjoy our luxurious spacious rooms which can accommodate two beds if companionship is desired.

Our residents feel right at home in the smaller, more personal setting that our adult family home provides.

Blyth Park is Bothell’s largest park. The park is conveniently located along the river and includes many walking trails. Country Village is only few miles away from Loving Adult Family Home of Bothell and is filled with a variety of boutiques, antiques, a bakery, tea room, seasonal farmers market, glass blowing studio and hosts various other events throughout the year.

Seattle is 30 minutes away and includes wonderful places to visit such as the Pike Place Market, Seattle Art Museum, the Seattle Aquarium, Woodland Park Zoo and the Seattle Center.The Northshore Senior Center is nationally recognized for its services and activities it provides to enhance the well-being and independence and encourage the involvement in the community of its 7000 members.Their 700 volunteers form the heart of the Center.

Every service and activity provides a chance for each member to have a place in their operations. They have health clinics, classes, clubs, a computer lab, special events, Wellness Project, Adult Day Centers, social services and trips galore. Their coffee bar and lounges offer great opportunities for meeting old friends and making new ones.

The facility is completely handicapped accessible. The Northshore Senior Center is 8 mile from Loving Adult Family Home of Bothell.

About our RN

Geriatrics, that is the care and support of the elderly, has always been the focus of my nursing career.

I have over 20 years of experience working in acute care, long-term care and home settings. In high school I worked as a nursing assistant in long-term care and also while studying for my LPN licensure. I was able to continue practicing nursing in oncology and orthopedics as an LPN while completing my RN degree, graduating from UW Nursing School 2001.

The academic year 2004-2005 I was instruc- tor for the nursing assistant program at Seattle Vocational Institute as well as clinical instructor for LPNs at South Seattle Commu- nity College.

Since 2008 I have worked as case manager in the home health setting. I studied foot care in 2010 with Dr. Overstreet at UW and began my own foot care business in 2011.

It is always my pleasure and delight to work with the elderly and provide the best care possible while supporting our wonderful caregivers.

Cynthia L. Nelson, RN


Loving Adult Family Home of Bothell has been part of our family for over a decade.

Our commitment is to maintain an enhanced quality and enjoyment of life. Respecting that each resident is unique; we tailor our services to each individual according to his/her needs, all in a warm, loving environment.

Our home care and nursing services are built around your specific needs. We offer solutions for today and the security of knowing that there are options for tomorrow.

Monica & Paul Duma