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  1. “My father and I were truly blessed to have found Loving Adult Family Home. J cannot fully express how well everyone cared for Dad with total care and respect while maintaining his independence and dignity. LAFH is very special, with extra large, spotless rooms. home-cooked meals tailored to the residents, but most of aU, consistent and dedicated caregivers to help Dad and I in his last year and one-half here. At LAFH you are truly a family member, not a resident! “

  2. Since moving into the Loving Adult Family Home, Yoshiko has become healthier overall. She engages in conversations more, laughs, and seems more alert. The AFH staff provides very personalized care and treats Yoshiko like a family member.

  3. The Corwin Family highly recommends Monica and PaulDuma “Loving Adult Family Home” for families of loved ones dealing with Alzheimer and other dementia diseases.

  4. They provide excellent care of the residents and the patients residents and families Power of Attorneys are also very happy with the care provided. They are good at communicating with Visiting Home Health Hospice staff and have good experience working with hospice patients.

  5. Loving Adult Family Home was one of the last places my dad and I visited after an exhausting search. From the minute we pulled into your driveway and saw your beautiful house and grounds, our hope began to rise again. As we toured your home and spoke to you and your husband, Paul, I knew, without a doubt, that this was the place for my mom.

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